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Validity & Eligibility

There are validity conditions and restrictions on sale, in terms of fares. All airfares are quoted in the site are subject to availability of seat, at the time of booking.

All prices for air tickets and airfares quoted on this site are subject to change without notice. All errors and omissions are excepted.

Weather Conditions

Flightstolondon.ORG is not to be held responsible for the weather conditions for any reason(s), nor can you cancel or amend any trip at any time due to weather conditions.

Booking Changes

Changes you make on bookings, are subservient to product/service-specific penalty rules, incorporated into the purchase. They are displayed to you at the time you book your flight. The changes depend on both, inventory availability as well as restrictions to applicable supplier.

Changes in Itenary

You may rightfully change itinerary, in case of an emergency or a change in plan; but such changes do not guarantee either full refund or tickets at similar fare, as booked earlier in the website by the user.

Price Guarantee

On this website, prices are guaranteed at the time you book and make payment, and are subservient to the availability of the particular product/service. All prices which are published, are updated on a daily basis. They are based on current exchange rate between the currency selected and the supplier currency. The guarantee is not applicable to any taxes or charges or even levies that are imposed by either, the airport or government or even their agencies. After your payment has been paid, no refund can be made in case costs are reduced.

Human Error

An error caused by our employee(s) or Agent(s) will definitely be looked into. Flightstolondon.ORG will assuredly get the error rectified in due course of time.

Overbooking of Flight

In case the flight you've booked is overbooked, the airlines usually asks volunteers who wish to give up their bookings for certain amounts paid as compensation. In case there are no volunteers, the airlines companies usually give priority (whether cash or kind) as per the priority boarding rules that the Airlines company has. If you miss flight due to overbooking, you receive compensation as per the policy of the airlines company.

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