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Effective Date: 06/01/2017

At Flightstolondon.ORG, we value your trust and we desire that you shouldn't be estranged from our Privacy Policy . Our Privacy Policy describes the practices we follow in lieu with the information that we collect through websites or mobile sites, and other online sources. Therefore, by providing your Personal Information to us, you accept the terms and conditions this Privacy Policy entails.

1. Cookie Policy

Flightstolondon.ORG may, either directly or through a Third Party Advertiser or Affiliate; drop a cookie whenever you're visiting the site. This is done in order that we may understand the the customer's browsing history and also the device used by the customer to browse the site. Such an information is very significant because it makes your browsing experience better. It also helps us to optimize our website. The company might also use advanced Geo Location tools for travel-booking.

2. Sharing of Personal Information

We do not share your personal or private information with any unrelated third Party, unless consolidators, airlines, hotels, car rental providers, need your personal information so that they may complete the booking process.

3. Newsletters, Deals,Offers and Changes in Policy

From time to time, Flightstolondon.ORG will be sending newsletters, deals and exciting offers to you. Of course, you are free to unsubscribe at any time. Flightstolondon.ORG might also inform you about any changes made in our Privacy Policy.

4. Personal Information

When you're a subscribed Flightstolondon.ORG customer, we will require your name, address, email, contact details, credit card details in order that we may complete the booking process and issue travel booking itinerary. The information we collect from you, is securely kept on a SSL(Secured Sokcet Layer). After which we provide the information the Airlines, Hotels,Cruises etc. to complete your booking process.

5. Children Below 18

Children below 18 years of are not allowed to make transactions on this site. All tickets that are issued for minors (<18 years) passengers, is to be booked by either their parents or their guardians.

6. Retention Period

We retain your Personal Information for a period of time. And this necessary in order that we may fulfill the purposes that we have outlined in this Privacy Policy, of course until we retain it for a longer period of time or necessitated by law.

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