Every place has different kinds of foods, cuisine and delicacies and we find different kinds of food all over the world and as London the capital of England with history stretching back to Roman times has a wide range of delicacies starting from Michelin-starred dining rooms to tiny neighborhood joints, where we can find serving of exquisite dishes prepared by the trained chefs or serving versions of home food so you must give a try so here are some of the best places to eat in London.

  1. FLOUR & GRAPE: Flour and Grape is a classy but affordable Italian restaurant and wine bar located in south London along the uber trendy Bermondsey Street where they served the handmade luxury pasta dishes at a reasonable mount, so in case you are planning to visit in London do visit here and try the handmade pasta
  2. HALF CUP: Half Cup is an independent coffee house at King’s cross in North London which serves one of the excellent brunch and many people visited these place which is why it has become one of the destinations of brunch so in case you are looking for a quick brunch this place is a must visit.
  3. BAO: Bao is a Taiwanese restaurant with bar seating located in Fitzrovia in central London, near London’s West End, serves inventive Taiwanese inspired side dishes and their signature fluffy which are steamed and filled with things like beef short rib, dramatic black cod and pork belly is quite a hit so in case you are a big foodie do visit this place
  4. SNAPS & RYE: Snap $Rye in Notting Hill London provides Danish inspired brunch and their signature ‘rye rarebit’ which is a slice of traditional Danish rye bread covered in a cheesy, mustard sauce.
  5. YASHIN OCEAN HOUSE: Yashin ocean house in South Kensington is a modern Japanese restaurant which provide high end Japanese sushi and if you want to experience the true taste of fish one can find in this place where food is prepared by the resident chefs and provides the most interesting and unique foods.
  6. LITTLE BREAD PEDLAR: Little Bread Pedlar, located in Bermondsey provides freshly baked breads with piles of fresh croissants, pain au chocolate a small group of working food production outlets that open to the public on weekends and is s one of the leading artisan bakeries in London.
  7. GRAINS: Grains located in Covent Garden, London is home to wholesome porridge, smoothie bowls, bircher muesli and coffee and were labelled as London’s first ‘porridge’ café where you can enjoy bowls of sweet & savoury porridges topped with nutritious nut butter and fresh fruits they also provide decadent toasts, eggs and pastries
  8. SMOKEHOUSE: Smoke house located in Islington of North London, where they serves fantastic food and beer along with high quality meat and the sticky toffee pudding which is quite a savoury that one must try for sure in case you are visiting in these place. It is a great spot for Sunday lunch and high-end pub food.
  9. FARANG: Farang is a modern Thai street food stall that took up permanent residency in North London in 2017 they provide an authentic Thai food packed with flavour, spice and a great balance of sweet and savoury where you can get a number of choices with different menus so one must try this place and change your taste buds.
  10. POPHAMS: Pophams Bakery, launched in Islington London is small in size and is famous for its legendary pastries with their quality and creativity they serve the best croissants & baked goods with weekend specials.

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